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What to dress your baby in for bed – temperature guide

How many layers to dress them in at bedtime

What to dress Emilie in for bed and what the temperature of the room should be is a constant topic of conversation between me and my other half. He always feels hot and hates the heat, so prefers to keep Emilie cooler. I on the other hand love being warm and hate the idea of going to bed without something over me.

We have room thermometers but somehow that still doesn’t stop the disagreements. Until…..

We received this nifty temperature chart with one of our summer Grobags!

what to wear temperature guide

what to wear temperature guide

Isn’t this AMAZING! An actual guide based on room temperature.

Whenever we are in disagreement we refer to the chart and so far I’m sure it’s saved us many hours debating how much clothing to dress Emilie in at bedtime.

This is the Grobag we got for the summer and it also has a velcro flap that allows you to pass the car seatbelt through so they can wear it in the car. It’s literally as thin as a bedsheet and great at keeping Emilie cool whilst also having something over her ?

0.5 tog summer grobag

When the temperature has been crazy! Like 29+ we’ve resorted to keeping Emilie in just her nappy without anything at all over her.

If you’re struggling with the heat, here are some top tips for keeping your little one cool!


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