Does my baby have a tongue tie?


What is a tongue-tie?

Tongue-tie is a common condition where a thin membrane under the tongue, joins the tongue to the floor of the mouth more than it should do.

Signs which may indicate a tongue-tie:

  Sore, damaged or bruised nipples
  Painful feeding
  Misshapen nipples after feeding
  Frequent feeding or very long feeds
  Reduction in milk supply

  Restricted tongue movement
  Small gape/ clicking noises while feeding
  Difficulty staying attached to breast or bottle
  Windy and unsettled
  Weight loss/ failure to thrive
  Never contented after feed/ always hungry


If you suspect that your baby has a tongue-tie you can then decide on the course of treatment you wish to follow.

You may wish to consider having a tongue-tie procedure performed (frenulotomy).

What are the risks involved?

Bleeding – The risk of bleeding is minimal. If your baby does bleed it normally settles down on its own with no further treatment or long term effects on your baby.

Infection – The risk of infection is very rare.

Reformation – In some babies the tongue-tie may reform which may require a further procedure.

What is the next step?

Take a look at the lactation consultants here or ask around your mum friends for their recommendations. I’m often suprised at how many little ones require their tongue tie to be cut so there are lots of mums out there who can offer recommendations.