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Messy Play Epsom

I love the idea of all the benefits which messy play can offer to little ones and I’ve even tried odd bits at home, but it does create soooo much mess and if they’re not in the mood for that particular goo on that particular day then it can be a little deflating. This class is the perfect way to offer loads of different messy sensory activities to your little one without the worry of a slime covered living room 🙂

Here’s a little more from the lovely ladies who run the class…

Hello, We are Ella and Jo the co-creators of Messaroos – messy play classes running in Epsom, Ashtead and Cobham, with more sites opening soon.

We are both mummies to two children – we actually met doing baby classes with our oldest two and hit it off really well, straight away.

We started Messaroos as we are both guilty of shying away from messy activities at home because by the times it’s set up the kids are bored and the cleaning up is horrendous. We wanted to work for ourselves and after a cheeky mojito (or two!) we developed Messaroos to compliment the other classes and activities available in Surrey.

We offer between four and six activities per class, some wet, some dry, with a variety of materials and different themes each week. All our activities are specially created to encourage your child’s creativity and stimulate their senses, so your little ones will have plenty to choose from and explore at their own pace. We make most of our class content, and guarantee edible stations each week!

We have only been running six weeks and we have had some great reviews

“Your classes are very unique nothing like I’ve been to before, both my girls loved it.”

“We really enjoyed the class today and will absolutely be booking for the term.”

We want to make the process of joining a Messaroos class as easy as possible so you can book everything through our website, We both know how busy you can be so we want the process to be hassle-free.

Jo and I are now incredibly passionate about messy play, we could spend ages talking to you about all the benefits physical, cognitive, emotional, social and communication development but really as there is no right way to do it, it’s all about the individual experience, we believe everyone should give messy play a go (but of course we are a bit biased) 😉

Messy play is great for children of any age and our classes start from approx 6 months as we recommend they can sit comfortably and have their hands free to explore. We’d love to see you at a session soon, but we’re also always online to help with any questions you have

Embrace the Goo!

Class Timetable


Here’s a little video to give you a taster!



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