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TinyTalk classes are a great way to help your little ones communicate before they are able to talk.

I take Emilie to Tinytalk classes and she loves the new signs that she learns, we’ve just started our second term this September. At 18 months she’s not yet talking but she can sign when she is hungry, when she’s finished eating as well as ask for a biscuit! She can also sign many many animals and Old MacDonald is a firm favourite nursery rhyme in our house.

So here is a little more information about AnneMarie’s TinyTalk classes….

TinyTalk – Singing & Signing

Hello, my name is Annemarie and I am your TinyTalk Baby Signing teacher for Epsom, Ashtead and Ewell.

I am mum to Sienna, aged 12 and twins Willow and Rocco, aged 3. I discovered the fun and excitement of signing when I started taking the twins to a class when they were 5 months old. Their first signs included milk, mummy and duck and I remember feeling so excited that they were able to communicate to me at such a young age. Along with going to classes I also used the TinyTalk DVD at home – which is a great form of video flash cards (and also helped me remember the signs!). The twins have come on in leaps and bounds and can now sign over 80 words between them, even saying some words as they sign them!

TinyTalk classes are an hour long and are great fun!

We use classic nursery rhymes such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat and The Wheels on the Bus, integrating signs (and a bit of gentle bouncing!) in a fun way. Each week we introduce core signs that are relevant to the family and home – such as mummy, daddy, food and milk, which can ease the frustration of communication difficulties before your baby can speak.

We also develop their communication skills through Sensory Activities that involve bubbles, voile scarves, tactile rubber shapes and many more!

The 2nd half of the class is a great time for everyone to recharge their batteries, talk and play with the toys provided over some refreshments and biscuits.

Outgrown your baby class? Well then come along and try a FREE TinyTalk Toddler Talking class! Aimed at children around 18m – 4 years! Half hour class, half hour free play with refreshments for adults and toddlers!

What are our award winning TinyTalk Toddler classes best known for?
• Encouraging toddlers’ speech and language development whilst having lot and lots of fun.
• Bringing songs, stories and games alive with signs, props, a parachute and more!
• Signs and words are both taught explicitly, which reinforces learning by engaging more sense.
• A wide range of interactive language activities ((eg listening skills and speech sounds formation))
• Promoting skills such as turn taking, sharing, following instructions and teamwork.
• Tips on communication skills to practice at home.

⭐️Of course our toddlers know none of this! They are too busy having fun! An important part of growing up!!⭐️

Come and find out how to support your toddler’s speech and language development at our fun active TinyTalk Classes.

Because Toddler’s have so much to say!

Please feel free to contact me to have a FREE taster class – or even join the waiting list for later in 2016! I would love to hear from you!


£7.00 per family per class

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Contact AnneMarie

Mobile: 07704053515


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