oatcake adventures

Oatcake Adventures

Megan Rossiter: First time mama, student midwife, birth enthusiast, positive person blogging my way through motherhood.


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Raising Little Shoots

I’m Lynn: wife, Charlotte Mason inspired home educating mother,  person of faith, knitter, and lover of the outdoors. I am English, living in a very green and pleasant land.

Exploring Nature With Children is a curriculum written to deepen the connections with both your children, and with the natural world.

Happy exploring!


blog: https://raisinglittleshoots.com/
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How We Montessori

I am passionate about Montessori in the home!

I am from Australia (Brisbane) but currently live in the UK with my husband and three sons. Caspar is ten years old, Otis is seven and Otto is seven months old. I discovered Montessori when Caspar was around six months old.

We incorporate the philosophy of Maria Montessori into our home the best we can. Otis and Otto have been raised from birth the Montessori way and I have captured much of their development here on the blog. From the Munari to the weaning glass - it's all here!

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Frida Be Mighty

I’m Eloise, a homeschooling mum, writer, and birth & parenting coach.

Since giving birth to my Frida in 2015, I have become passionate about peaceful parenting, creating meaningful family rhythms, and incorporating a Montessori philosophy into our home.

blog: https://fridabemighty.com
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/mightymother_
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The Kavanaugh Report

Hi! I'm Nicole, wife to Morgan, mother to 3, and Montessori enthusiast! I started this blog way back in 2009 as a way to keep up with family and friends. It eventually morphed into sharing some toddler friendly activities as we raised our first son, Henry.

The longer we parented, the longer we searched for something that was lacking in our lives. We found the answer in Montessori. Over the years, the Montessori method has become a central tenant in our family life. It started out as a way for us to organize our toddler's activities and has now permeated every aspect of our parenting and lives.

blog: http://www.thekavanaughreport.com/
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