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I loved my NCT antental classes, I met some amazing other mums that were such a lifeline for me during that first year. I also signed up for the Baby Massage Course which I really enjoyed and it was a lovely relaxingn way to meet more new mums.

Antenatal Courses Offered: NCT Signature antenatal, NCT Essentials antenatal,

Postnatal Courses Offered: Early Days, NCT Baby Massage, NCT Mother and Baby Yoga,

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NCT Signature antenatal course

A 16.5 hour course. This consists of 2 Sunday sessions and 1 Wednesday evening session, antenatally.This course includes a session on breastfeeding. There is also a 2 hour reunion for all course participants with their new baby after the births. Your NCT Practitioner will agree a date, time and location for this with you.

With a relaxed and friendly style, every NCT Signature antenatal course is as individual as you are. That's because every course is tailored to the needs of the small group taking part.

More than half of your course will cover the birth of your baby. There's also plenty of time to explore your questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. The course will cover:

  • Pregnancy, birth choices and options available
  • Body awareness, relaxation, breathing and massage
  • What happens in labour, the role of your partner and how your baby is born
  • Pain relief - natural and medical methods
  • More complex pregnancies and medical procedures, including caesarean birth
  • Early parenting, feeding your baby and lifestyle changes

All our practitioners complete a university-accredited course before delivering our NCT Signature antenatal courses. They are fully licensed, quality assured and experienced in preparing you and your partner - both physically and emotionally - for the arrival of your baby.

We charge for our courses however everyone is welcome to pay by instalments and we offer discounts for parents in receipt of benefits or on lower incomes.


NCT Essentials antenatal course

To help you prepare for the big day, we've taken generations of experience and condensed it in to an antenatal course. Every NCT Essentials antenatal course is led by a specially-trained practitioner, and offers both practical information and emotional support.

Even though NCT Essentials is our most affordable antenatal course, it is designed to answer all your questions about pregnancy and the birth of your beautiful new baby.

Plus, with more than half of your course covering your new life as a parent, you will come away clearer and more confident about what's right for you and your new family.

With an NCT Essentials antenatal course you always know in advance the themes you will cover during your 12 hour course:

  • The development of your unborn baby
  • Changes for you and your partner
  • Your health and wellbeing
  • Giving birth
  • Caring for and feeding your baby
  • Which people and services are there for you?

NCT Essentials antenatal courses are held at convenient locations during the evening or at the weekend.

Discounts are available for this course; please enquire in confidence about these. Everyone can pay for a course by agreed instalments as long as the final payment is made by the time that the course starts.

NHS Epsom St Helier

Our midwives offer a variety of antenatal classes and workshops at a range of venues and times.

These classes are very popular and are generally booked up very quickly. If you decide that you would like to attend any classes, we advise you to book them as soon as possible after your antenatal booking appointment.

Please remember that you are entitled to take reasonable paid time off your work for your antenatal care, including parentcraft (antenatal) and relaxation classes. This applies no matter how long you have been employed or how many hours you work per week.


Hypnobirthing Classes

Antenatal Workshop for Polish speaking women

Positiviely Birthing

Positively Birthing offers Hypnobirthing and Antenatal preparation classes throughout Surrey and SW London

Group and Private Classes, all taught by Megan Rossiter- qualified KG Hypnobirthing Teacher, Mum to One and Student Midwife, and cover a full antenatal preparation, similar to 'NCT' with the added bonus of a full hypnobirthing course to help prepare you for a calm, confident and informed birth experience. Our ethos at Positively Birthing is to share, positive, up to date, evidence based information to help couples prepare for a positive birth.

Classes run in Thames Ditton, Teddington, East Molesey, West Molesey, Cobham, Esher, St Margarets, Twickenham Richmond, Surbiton, Hampton Hill, Kingston, Claygate and beyond.


Our courses are run by NHS midwives in South London and Surrey.

Noobies is a new brand of contemporary antenatal classes. We took the best of NHS and independent antenatal classes and created Noobies, so why should you pick a Noobies antenatal course:

You’ll be taught by one of our handpicked NHS Midwives from your local hospitals. They’re experts in all things pregnancy and birth and can tell you exactly what goes on in the hospital you’ll give birth in. They’re also nurturing, approachable and great fun! We think this will help you have the best birth experience possible.

We cover all the usual antenatal course content you need to know. We also focus on your emotional wellbeing and helping you prepare for the huge changes that will come when your baby arrives. We think this gives you all the info you need to know and some helpful things you don’t know yet that you need to know!

Our classes are run in small groups in local areas so you get to make friends with other parents-to-be and form your own support network. And because we want the experience to be sociable and relaxing we run our classes in bars, restaurants and coffee shops. We think this gives you a great experience and hopefully a great group of friends to share your journey with.

We want you to leave our courses feeling nurtured, reassured and ready to be a parent and we hope what we cover will help you in the months and even years ahead.

Here’s what we cover in our 6 classes:

  1. Late pregnancy and the start of labour
  2. Established labour and pain relief
  3. All things birthing
  4. Postnatal and feeding your baby
  5. Baby bootcamp – all things baby care
  6. Nurturing your emotional wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood

The Daisy Foundation

Daisy Parent is the complete Antenatal birth preparation and baby care course. Daisy supports your journey, whatever your Labour and Birth choices are.

Nina offers Antenatal Classes in Surrey. Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal classes for mum-to-be and Daisy Parent, the complete Antenatal Birth and Baby preparation workshop in South Sutton, Banstead, Coulsdon, Redhill and Surrounding Area.

The Dutiful Doula

I’m a local Doula providing both birth and antenatal support.
I also provide antenatal education/hypnobirthing. Birth trauma recovery and closing the bones massage.
I also sit on the MVP for for the local trust and facilitate the local PBM group.

From debriefing and healing a previous traumatic birth right through to supporting you as a postnatal Doula, I can offer you emotional, physical and practical support through my services. 

I’d had my share of traumatic birth, fighting for my rights, producing counter argument after counter argument why I should be allowed to birth my baby my way, based on choices made by my husband and I, I had even had to do this whist in labour…this instinct I had never failed me and I have experienced the most beautiful, empowering and healing of births, a right that every woman has! I proudly say “I love giving birth” and even though I’m met with looks of horror, surprise and bewilderment I’ll never stop saying it because birth IS amazing, WOMEN are amazing and deserve to be treated as such!

So this is my driving force, my passion for birth, for women to be able to control their birth choices for birth to be YOURS!



The Positive Birth Midwife

I'm an experienced local midwife and I'm madly passionate about empowering every woman to have a positive birth experience. Over the years i've worked out the not so secret recipe for having a positive birth and I'm really keen to share this with as many people as possible. It's as simple as confidence (self belief), taking ownership of your birth (having the knowledge to make the right decisions for you), and a strategy to keep calm and comfortable during labour. I teach all of this at my antenatal classes as well as all the essential information on early days with a newborn baby including feeding, sleeping and baby care.

I offer group classes or private classes which include:
Antenatal education,
breastfeeding and
early days with your new baby
 10 hours of teaching.
Ongoing support via email and phone covering the birth and early postnatal period
The Hypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves The KG Hypnobirthing course relaxation MP3s ‘Colour and Calmness’ sent via email on booking the course so you can reap the benefits straight away. I also offer refresher classes for parents who have used hypnobirthing in a previous pregnancy and just want to polish up their techniques.




Mummas and Beans

Antenatal classes for mums to be.

Offering relaxation, movement and education topics.

The focus of this class is birth, the best way to prepare for birth, is by learning how to fully relax, to understand the birth process and to understand how you can utilise and harness gravity and breathing techniques to achieve a positive birth experience.

This class isn't all about "natural" birth, we cannot control what happens during birth, this class is all about how you prepare yourself and how you can control yourself during labour, regardless of what is going on around you. Set to wonderful music, designed to be your anchor, this class is the ultimate in relaxation. So whether this is your first baby, whether you are planning an elective CS or this is your second or third baby and you don't know which path labour will take, this is the class for you.

Over the block of 6 classes you will: Learn specific moves to use during labour Learn different breathing techniques which can be utilised during labour, we aren't here to give you a prescription for labour, but we can give you a tool kit of things which may help Each week we use a different relaxation script at the end of class, this is your chance to truly relax, connect with your baby and prepare yourself for birth Each class will last approximately 1hr 30 mins, broken down into movement, relaxation and educational chat (a different discussion topic each week). Giving you time out each week to really focus on your baby and make that all important friend network


Mummas Ultimate £72 for a block of 6

Mummas Ultimate Birthing Class Thursday 7pm

Ruxley Church Ewell


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