A little introduction


Welcome to the website. I really hope that lots of local mums find it useful.

I’m Adele and I’m a mum to Emilie who was born back in 2016. We moved to Epsom from London when I was pregnant and it’s such a wonderful area to raise a child. The only downside to the move was that we had no friends, family or support network here. So we signed up for NCT classes and found 7 other couples in exactly the same boat. Becoming a mum for the first time is so daunting but even more so when you don’t know where to go for help and support or just to get out of the house for a change fo scene. I used to try and google baby classes in Epsom and the results were suprisinly sparse. It turns out though that there are a lot of classes and services out there they just don’t get found by the google search engine.

As a business owner I know how hard it is to be found online, getting on to the first page of google is tough and a lot of the local baby classes and businesses run locally are run by other mums, and I am guessing if they’re anything like me, running their classes and courses takes up all their time with little time left ot think about getting up there on the google search results. So I decided the most useful thing would be to have a place where all mums-to-be and new mums could come and find everything they need. I do not charge businesses to be listed, this is to make sure that mums can see everything that is available to them, it doens’t even need to be the business owners who create the listing, mums can let other mums know of great classes & services and places to go by filling in the simple form at the bottom of each page of the website.

So please use the site and send me feedback if you’d like to see anything added or changed. Share it with your friends and share as much local information on here as you can to make this an amazing place for local mums to come. We may not have a village around us for support but we can create a virtual haven for mums to come and find what they need quickly and easily.

I think I would have found a site like this so invaluable when I was pregnant and I hope that lots of other lovely ladies in the area do too.

Much love to you all


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