A local directory created by mums for mums.

I first moved to Epsom when I was 13 weeks pregnant.  We moved here to start our family and it's been such an exciting adventure.  Epsom is such a great place for new mums and mums-to-be.  There are so many amazing services, classes and places for support but I found it so difficult to find them all.

As a newborn photographer I meet new mums every week and every single one I meet reminds me of those early weeks with my own daughter.  I wish I had known about all the amazing resources available to me that early on.  It's only through meeting lots of amazing mums and networking with other amazing mum businesses that I've discovered just how much Epsom has to offer.

Not long ago I blogged about all the amazing baby classes avalable in Epsom and it's a post that has been shared and visited more than any other post on my website.  It's so hard to find all the classes and services simply by googling, not all of them come up.  And that's where the idea for this website was born.

The website has been designed for new mums and mums-to-be not as a vehicle for advertising or making profit but simply as a way to bring new mums and expectant mums together with business which can help and support them in the most life changing time of their lives.  The focus will be on services and resources for the 9 months before and the first year after the birth of your little one.

Whether you need a place to go to get out the house or if you need help and support from a breastfeeding councellor or doula, my aim is to have everything you need in one place.  Please be patient as the site grows, it's something I'm doing around my work and my daughter, but with all your help I hope to have the most amazing resource for all you amazing mums.


Help local mums and mums-to-be to find really useful services & resources in and around Epsom.